A Boogie Wit da Hoodie - Tiffanys

A Boogie Wit da Hoodie - Tiffanys

“A Boogie Wit da Hoodie – Tiffanys” Lyrics:
Tiffanys Lyrics, Letra:

/ Intro

Lovin’ you is killin’ me

Can I be all that you need?

Sometimes, I fall down on my knees

(Last name Hendrix, whatever I do)

Oh, it’s killin’ (ATL Jacob, he a fuckin’ millionaire)

Oh, it’s killin’


/ Verse 1

I told you that it’s okay, you could make a mess

I know you wanna go away, let’s take a jet

Know it’s love inside my heart, but you can take what’s left

I wanna taste your pussy, I wanna taste your flesh

My niggas all flee, you can see by the V’s how we comin’

Before these songs, I used to profit one-twenty an onion

Crazy how I still feel alone outside twenty deep with my brothers

My home ain’t even a home no more, girl, we don’t еven sleep with each other

And I’m on thе road so long, ain’t even got time to go trust her

Me and my bros so low, even when we don’t speak to each other

And if ten toes was a person, it would be me and I’m butters

Word to Cynthia, I be wishin’ it was me instead of Butter

No one to vent to about my pain, I was deep in the gutter

Sometimes, I don’t wanna be awake, so I sleep even better

It’s the demons and the angels that keep me together

If lovin’ you is killin’ me, baby, why stay together?

/ Interlude

Lovin’ you is killin’ me

Can I be all that you need?

/ Verse 2

Girl, I thought you would be here forever

Already peeped when you said you leavin’, your keys was on the dresser

I made your closet a million dollars in tees and sweaters

And if I add those Birkins to that and tell Tiffany how much I spent on Tiffany for you, I would be here forever

In and out of my feelings in foreigns, double-R truck with the Forgis

Hoodie on too like it’s pourin’

Glove on like Michael performin’

Put you on top, you was horny

I made you climax before me


Ten thousand dollars on these pants, wore ‘em once, it’s whatever

Chrome Hearty Arti’s what she call me,

it’s nights I remember

We had 9s and MAC-11s, it was not September

And it get gangster on this bitch, you can’t just slide whenever

/ Interlude

You gotta pay the toll where I come from

You gotta pay the price to get it

/ Verse 3

You know it get rough with the riders

You know when you’re with me, you can walk through the fire

Put you on my shoulders, carry you like Mariah

Took you to an island, I took you to them islands

I just wanna munch, you don’t gotta act spicy

You know I’m from the Bronx, they like my style, so they bite me

You could never be my wife, you’re just like me

Niggas want me dead and police tryna indict me

‘Cause they know I’m quick to put a nigga on a white tee

/ Outro

Lovin’ you is killin’ me (On a white tee, put a nigga right up on a white tee like mmm)

Can I be all that you need? (On a white tee, I only like you up in the white, hmm)

Sometimes, I fall down on my knees

Oh, it’s killin’

Oh, it’s killin’

Oh, it’s killin’ me

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