BAMBARA - Drag Hesitation

Drag Hesitation


Crush and sell
I’ve seen them all in hell
With delight in their eyes
Gowns flowing and white

But you weren’t there
No, you were just too scared
To try one in your size
Or crawl into mine

Will you fall asleep in your sister’s arms
While you smell defeat through a serpent’s tongue
Shackles on your feet from this budding freedom
Words are lingering, we must live while we’re young

Cars and beds
Our mouths filled with broken bread
Are bottled and sold
White words turned to gold

Vines are never sure how their children will taste
Twisted ties will burn tangled lives through their veins
But this view won’t be the cure to the disease in this place
Tears have never been so pure as they cling to your face

Well, I have seen the ones who are cut out for this race
They’re the burnt out suns, they’re the friendliest snakes
But amidst all our fun, there’s one fear I can’t shake
When our time is done, who’ll receive what we’ve made