Busta Rhymes - THE STATEMENT Lyrics

THE STATEMENT - Busta Rhymes Lyrics Yeah, yeah Why y'all show off We show up

Busta Rhymes - THE STATEMENT Lyrics
THE STATEMENT - Busta Rhymes Lyrics

THE STATEMENT - Busta Rhymes Lyrics

Yeah, yeah
Why y'all show off
We show up

How many times do I gotta remind you niggas that I'm one of the greatest?
And I will just rewrite the pages of every history book while they askin' me, "Save us"
From all of this other bullshit that they be listenin' to while you just amaze us
And me and my niggas just step inside the building and they just get on their knees and they praise us
They kiss a ring and then they just might just argue and then fuss
You the only god we trust
Imperial Busta Bust, I be fuckin' shit up just because, wait
I appreciate your patience, but all you niggas should face it
There's no one that's greater than me
Thirty years later, fuck shit up like we still in basements
We want all you haters to see
Piss on your face, give you facelifts
Now shut up and cater to me
Pricelessness, bitch, I'm the nicest, I make all you haters agree
Watch the way I'm runnin' circles around on these niggas
Know why they so afraid of me
I'm only here to inspire you and set shit on fire
And give you what you came to see, see (Hold up

(Hold up
Hold up
Nigga, fuck your conversation, make sure you have my compensation
Nigga, fuck you contemplating, my hungry niggas out here waiting
And know none of them niggas patient, they do not like to tolerate shit
If the money come up short, better find you a new occupation
If you lucky enough to survive the situation
I don't do good moderatin'
I stay out at all of that and mind my business
For feelin' the greatest at my obligations
Fuckin' up the street and
Fuckin' up the street and get worse when I be on my concentration
Body every individual with minimal complication
Get you some shit that be swallowin' up every nation
Just cover all accommodations
While we continue to fuck up the street in everything
I'll flatline your whole operation
Niggas worry 'bout they future
I fuck up everything they use to
Walkin' back and forth and pacin', I get the streets another booster
The return of Mansa Musa
I ain't got no time to waste it
What I do, you can't replace it
Impossible to appraise it
The nicest, my nigga, prices, my nigga, we timeless
I hold all the dice, let me shake it
While we fuck shit up again and again
Securin' every win
Why you niggas talkin' basic?
Shinin' so much, how we grindin' so much
We ain't never complacent
Feeding every street forever
Me and my niggas be workin' so hard, we gettin' so much money together
Animal skin I be in
Most you niggas patent leather, we call it whatever
Most of the time, it's a pleasure to give you lyrics like a treasure
So much jewelry from an era
Give you more than you could measure
Most of you bozo-ass niggas that be movin' around
They call you birds of a feather, whether
Or not you think you hot, so you cannot fuck with me, never
See most you niggas out here think that you cool
I'll give you shit from my ancestor
And it don't matter how much you imagine
Try me if you think you better, better (Better