De La Soul - Freedom Of Speak

De La Soul - Freedom Of Speak

Freedom of Speak (We Got Three Minutes) Lyrics

De La Soul

/ Prince Paul

You all have three minutes to do what you all wanna do

Yo, so speak as free as possible

/ Chorus

Check the clock!

Watch me!

Come on!



/ Plug 2

Bright everyday I wake up

Look at my travels they stuffed up

Ring go the telly which I pick up

Turn on the news as it screws up

Mase on the line to see if I’m up

Wrong thing to do at 5, I hang up

Lay on the floor sit and think up

Why the whole world alone is messed up

/ Chorus

/ Plug 1

Woke up the same morning I felt fine

Took me a shower I smelled fine

Checked out the weather it looked fine

Made some breakfast, I cooked fine

My girl calls me, she’s so fine

Wanted me to help her go find

Some shoes but I had work to define

And it was Tuesday, I had to take P-Fine

/ Chorus

/ Plug 2

Folks styling jokes get the time set

Movement of the tune growing and set

Positive it is and perfectly set

Soul go to show soon we all set

Slipping lunatics shipping one set

Meet us for these now we upset

Chance to spread word we at full set

Rhythm weighs more than your weight set

3 will be the number till sunset

Plug 1 & 2 now we all set

Dove praises flow in your headset

Flow De La Flow there is no threat

Categories carry difference in sets

Differences are equal to an offset

De La from the Soul and its kept set

Soul is the revivor, Masey you set?

/ Bridge

Watch me!

Put it there!

You got to get it!

Get it!

Shout now!

/ Plug 1

My name’s Posdnous and I’m above sink

The world is so out of synch

A lot of emcees can’t play sync

That’s why unfortunately they sink

But problem and speak are no way sync

We wash problems like hands in a sink

I hate to make this rhyme leave sync

But the reason De La bad is cuz we think

It took us a time but the crew’s here

Activate a dance when you hear

A roll from the Soul like this here

And respond to the bond that assists here

Politics of speaking are intended here

And the president of paragraph will end it here

Cuz the three has completely lured here

That freedom of speak is assured here

/ Plug 2

Folly set the frequency in your show


/ Prince Paul

Yo, you all only had three minutes!

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