JamWayne - Gadrock 

JamWayne - Gadrock 

“JamWayne – Gadrock ” Lyrics:
Gadrock Lyrics, Letra:

/ Verse 1: JamWayne

And it’s never too late, never too old

Rich or poor thing out of the console

Gon’ paint you a picture like Picasso

In a poncho, I don’t want blood on my clothes

Nobody safe, I don’t even care no more

Dead body if you stand in the way

I ain’t here to play

Lookin’ at the plans for the world

Blueprint said nobody safe

/ Chorus: JamWayne

Down around Gadrock 256

Many hard times, get you fixed

Many brothers I’ve done laid to rest

And that’s just the way it is

Down around Gadrock 256

Where we grow our own, keep it lit

Where we stick together when it’s time to get it

Then the whole crew ridin’ with

Down around Gadrock 256

It’s the Hart of Dixie and the heartlessness

You can get around but if you come again

That’s you gettin’ hit

Down around Gadrock 256

Dirty South land to grip

Where we still bow down to the crucifix

And pray that He forgives

/ Verse 2: JamWayne

Jumpin’ if it’s on chrome

Always on tucked like a Sunday shirt

Boot laced up through the pain and the hurt

For the rain made mud eyes in that dirt

Mix it down up brick and the block

Rock came in, who did that work

Zip it all up if you popped by the cops

Suburb dog in the pen when your ass get served

You don’t want that curse

Death for the snitch in the back of the ???

Rest for the wrist, now go get workin’

It’s your purpose, mix it down up

Twist it down up like a doobie in Jacuzzi

And a floozie feelin’ on her

Put it in blood if you screw me

I’m a crew chief and I kill that pussy, I’m purred

Will at any unsure, on that Penny I earned

Money gon’ burn, out of the mud I emerge

Know that I comin’ for yours, swerve

We tried and combat ready

That’s said hut, throw a Hail Mary

I’ma catch that, take a deep breath

And relax, get the bag and bring it on back

/ Chorus

/ Verse 2: TheRealPIT

See I make it private cuz I want a profit

If I pull it out then I know she gon’ top it

I got them drums so you know I’ma rock it

It’s confidence baby but she call it cocky

I’ma hit hard, knockin’ shit out of place

Walk this shit down boy I stay at a pace

Quiet as I’m out with that fire in his face

Eatin’ shit up cuz I love how it tastes

Then cleanin’ shit up cuz I can’t leave a trace

Swear I’m hardheaded don’t listen to nobody

Keep it a buck, I’ma tell you on nobody

I cuffed her up cuz I know she got low mileage

I wait my turn so I’ll be the co-pilot

He let it burn so I’ma bring more fire

I do my thing no instruction to go by it

Say I’m the truth, I’ma tell you that no lie

I’m from the GNA, holla out, woah now

She got a dump on that little thing poke out

Come with them gang, fuck around and get slumped out

I was outside, ain’t never got to jump out

Keep it shit real, it ain’t never gon’ run out

I don’t went crazy, went stupid, went dumb now

I don’t went crazy, went stupid, went dumb now

I don’t went crazy, went stupid, went dumb

/ Chorus

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